The man who climbs mountains

Both sides of the mountain

The beauty of the challenge… and the consequences

To reach a mountain summit (or any other goal) brings such a unique sensory experience. But before achieving this state of grace, you need to make all the necessary efforts, while remaining aware of the dangers before, during and after the climbing.  Having climbed himself some of the highest peaks of the world, Steve will use this experience to address some targeted questions: how do you prepare to high-altitude stages? What kind of resilience must you develop to withstand natural elements, including ever-changing climate conditions? How can you develop self-sufficiency and ensure your own safety?

Youth = 1h – 1h15

Adults = 2h

The conference includes

  • The mountain and its challenges
  • Alone with Mother Nature
  • The mountain and its secrets

You will learn

  • How to prepare yourself to reach your goals
  • How to show resilience when facing life’s challenges
  • How to deal with unforeseen events

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