« Always be ready to promote your ideas and stick to your beliefs »

Cross-Canada Tour

In 2015, in order to concretely demonstrate what perseverance is, Steve completed the crossing of Canada in 13,225 km using 12 different disciplines chosen by our youth:

  1. Walking
  2. Running
  3. Road bike
  4. Mountain bike
  5. Wheelchair
  6. Adapted bike
  7. Cross-country skiing
  8. Snow shoes
  9. Roller skates
  10. Scooter
  11. Pogo stick
  12. Skateboard (« longboard »)

Steve is a top athlete who has had his ups and downs. Having qualified for the 1992 Olympics, he was injured and had to put his dream aside. Never giving up, Steve had to roll up his sleeves and reinvent himself. Through his own journey, his experiences – both his successes and his failures – he can help young people and give them confidence, and this, in all modesty, by remaining humble, by remaining himself. Listening only to his big heart, Steve defended his friends when young; moreover, he always believed in the importance of helping people, of putting a stop to abuse. The defining years of a young person’s life are between the ages of 7 and 17; this is the moment when it is important to believe in them, to give them confidence. We must help them realize their dreams. This is what Steve O’Brien accomplished from his youth: a young person helping other young people, most often disadvantaged, in order to give them back the taste of dreaming and achieving their goals.


Give our youth the tools to achieve their goals and instill in them the notion of perseverance, with which they can accomplish all their dreams.


To ensure that one day all young Canadians become, according to their personal desires, leaders and models to follow in society.

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