” Always be ready to promote your ideas and stick to your beliefs “

A mission across Canada

In 2015, in order to clearly demonstrate what perseverance truly means, Steve has completed his 13 225 km Cross-Canada Tour, using 12 different disciplines chosen by the kids gathered along his coast-to-coast mission:

  1. Walk
  2. Run
  3. Road bike
  4. Mountain bike
  5. Wheelchair
  6. Bike for disabled people
  7. Cross-country ski
  8. Snowshoe
  9. Rollerblade
  10. Scooter
  11. Pogo-stick
  12. Longboard

Steve is a high-profile athlete who has gone through ups and downs. Having qualified for the 1992 Olympic Games, he got injured and had to put his dream aside. Not one to sit idly and give up on his goals, Steve had to roll up his sleeves and continued to reinvent himself. Thanks to his personal pathway, accomplishment and experiences – to his success as to his failures – he is able to help young people regain self-assurance. All of this in all modesty, maintaining a humble attitude and staying true to himself.

Listening only to his generous heart, Steve has always taken the part of his childhood friends. He has always believed in the importance of helping people, of putting an end to abuses of all kind.

The most significant years in the life of a child are between 7 and 17 and this is when it is of the utmost importance of believing in them, of building their self-confidence. They need us to make their dreams come true. This is what Steve is doing since his own childhood: helping other kids, most often underprivileged, in order to give them back the right to have dreams and to reach their goals.


To give young people valuable tools to reach their goals and dreams, while introducing the concept of perseverance that will help them pursue and fulfill all their dreams.


One day, all young Canadians will become the leaders and role models, according to their personal desires.

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