What about investing in the community to ensure a better future for our youth?


Steve O’Brien Foundation’s National Relay for Youth


Take part in an inspiring relay that will reunite parents, children, families and friends, together for a unique common goal: the success of our youth!

As a community, let’s show our youth that “ME” doesn’t exist in a real team, whereas “WE”, “working together”, as a team, leads to success.

The mission

Develop perseverance

When young people make sustained efforts and act with perseverance, they can concretely understand the rewards of such a positive and persistent behaviour. Thereafter, they can easily replicate their efforts and results in various aspects of their lives, thus being able to reach their goals and dreams.

Increase self-esteem

Such a powerful sense of achievement will enhance their self-esteem, which will favour their commitment to reach various goals.

Fostering teamwork

The relay baton represents mutual cooperation and hope. As a community, we now have the opportunity to show our kids that, in a reliable team, the focus is not put on individual desires. Mutual cooperation and united efforts, from all people involved and aiming at the same cause, undoubtedly lead to overall success.

Relay baton – Sign of shared efforts and cooperation

  • Gather a team of 12 people.
  • Cover kilometers over a 24-hour period.

Select the organization of your choice, within your community, to which you
want to offer the funds collected by your teammates.


600 $ (50 $ per participant)


  • Collect money by organizing a fun and interesting fundraising activity that is easy and accessible to all members of your team.
  • Gather more funds and offer a significant amount of money to your community*.

*90% of all sums collected will be remitted to the groups and youth projects as determined by your selection committee.



  1. Find a safe environment for your event. Explain the reasons behind this activity to the young people taking part in the relay.
  2. Ask for the participation of the following people and groups :
  • Local business owners
  • Local supermarkets: water bottles, snacks, other food to be provided to the participants
  • Massage therapists or physiotherapists (to take care of the participants)
  • Public entertainers, animators, musicians, clowns, face painters for kids, etc (to keep the children busy and entertained)
  • Organisms that are devoted to youth, as Boys and Girls Clubs, Lions Clubs, Richelieu Clubs, Cadets, schools, etc.


Steve O’Brien Foundation’s National Relay for Youth

Educational institutions

More than 36 000 km covered in 2016

This relay is intended for schools and youth clubs. The goal is to cover as many kilometers as possible. These kilometers will be added to all the others covered in Canada, in order to obtain the most significant Canadian total.

Our youth can foster a better future for themselves. It is their role to show the whole world that we all must work as teams to create a better common future. Strength lies in numbers and unity makes us strong!

You show young people how to work as a team.

You keep children ACTIVE, awhile they do the relay IN THEIR OWN WAY.


You favor the increase of their SELF-ESTEEM.

You allow young people to believe in their DREAMS AND GOALS.


Overseas City Distance covered
South Africa Pretoria 16 401 km

We believe in perseverance in our youth to realize their dreams

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